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Post  Mandy x on Sat Oct 06, 2012 8:31 am

Which carfs have people had? Which are best for families/sportiness/oomf/fun?

I loved the OH's Chrysler neon. Went well, had a unique look and well, erm, we had lots of fun times in that car (get those minds out of the sewers! lol, though you could be right....) But parts for the car were VERY expensive so sadly we didnt hang onto for long

OH had a sports ka. Great little run around with quite some poke but surprisingly the truning circle of a truck! and not so easy once we had children, also not so good for the tall ( my oh is 6' 4.5!, he is mad going for such a little car!). Parts easy to replace so quite good value all round

Now have a honda civic, very run of the mill but good family car, very reliable and has a very good lifespan, oh's mum's one lasted her 20 years! And she drove all the way throught the alpujarra mountains in spain in it from england, the car being 20 years old when she did this! Good going i think!

I have never had one myself, nor my oh, but my oh's dad had a smart car! Great fun to ride in! They LITERALLY fly over hills and you can park then sideways! good for those smaller gaps. I think also they are a low emission vehicle so good for keeping costs down too.

MAndy x

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Mandy x
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Cars Empty Re: Cars

Post  NikkiJayne on Mon Oct 08, 2012 8:18 pm

Since I have been with Alan we have had the following

Peugeot 206cc: 51 plate (2001)
It's like shit off a stick, it shifted something chronic!, little car, 2ltr engine, 8 yrs old only 40k on clock. And a convertible to boot, we weren't complaining for 3K when we got it back in 2009.

Renault Megane Scenic: 54 plate (2004)
We got this when I was pregnant with Jayden as we were in serious need of a 5 seater car, since the peugeot 206cc was only a 4 seater. It's a typical family car, a huge step down to the sporty convertible we had previously.

Then Alan took on a new job and got two hire cars before his new car he gets for 3/4 years

Kia Cee'd Estate (in Black): 12 plate (2012) Kia Cee'd Estate (in Red): 12 plate (2012)
Sporty looking vehicle, luxury seating, huge boot, so many gadgets, love it. But this car was just a hire car from Alan's work, whereas he gets his new car which he will have for 3/4 years until they change it to a new one.

We are about to get another Pug and I cannot wait!

Peugeot 308: 11 plate (2011)
Can't really review this car yet, but I just love Pug's! It might be a year old but it's got some brilliant gadgets and under the hood is going to be wowza

Can you tell I love my cars!
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