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Breast pumps

Post  Mandy x on Sat Oct 06, 2012 8:13 am

When i was pg with Sophia i wasnt sure what to go for but was recommended on forums to go for an electic, so i went for the medela swing. A nice little pump, but be careful to take it slowly as it is quite vigourous on the old nipples! I like that you can get different guage bits to go over your booby, a good feature for those with boobies either on the small or large side.

Well, i thought i would re-use this time round but sadly that didnt work out and an expression was taking over an hour and a half! ridiculous amount of time with two kids!

Didnt have much money for a replacement so went for a tt hand pump. It is fantastic! Would highly recommend a hand pump, have found so much faster, gentler on the nipples and it fits the bottles i already have!

So, what pumps have you used? Which have you found better - manual or electric? Which has been the most comfortable?

Mandy x

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Re: Breast pumps

Post  Journey2dfuture on Sat Oct 06, 2012 5:07 pm

I have the Avent single electric - its the only one I have bought and used. I love it.
I manage to pump 3-4oz in 15mins or less. Its easy to take a part, clean and put back to together, It comes with part you can attach to keep it clean before you plan to use it. It also comes with a manual handle.- Yet to use it, Wouldn't your hand hurt?
Also a battery pack if you don't have access to mains.
Over all I love this pump The only one issue I've had is when pumping directly into a bottle you need to leave the bottle unscrewed a little in order for the suction to work :/ and it leaks. BUT ... While pumping in to an avent storage container theres no issues 9/10

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